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Premium Golf Balls.
No Retail Games.

What we make

Premium 3-piece urethane golf balls. Manufactured at the same factories as the big brands you already know… sold to you at the lowest price on the market.
  • Designed to compete with Titleist ProV1, Callaway Hex Chrome, Vice Pro, and other major tour balls.
  • Manufactured to maximize your control and feel, all without sacrificing distance.
  • 27 balls for $109.95 and $15 shipping. Lowest all-in price-per-ball in its product category.
Read More here to learn more about how we stack up against (and crush) our competition.

How we do it

A product-centric and efficient direct-to-consumer model.

  • Straight forward pricing and AusPost shipping.
  • Packed and shipped in a cube-shaped corrugated mailer.
  • Bulk, minimalist packaging with 27 balls in each box.

What sets us apart

The Sugar Cube. We eliminate the typical nonsense and put all the value in what matters.
  • No wasteful sleeves or duplicative packaging.
  • No tricky upselling with extraneous product offerings.
  • No price-padding through dishonest shipping schemes.
Sugar Golf Australia The Cube

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