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Golf Club Cleaning Brush w/ Built in Spray Bottle


The golf cleaning brush is equipped with a suitable brush head, so you get greater coverage when cleaning your club. The water jet helps rinse off dirt and debris and ensures that your clubs stay clean.
Leak-proof design: with this tool, cleaning is only one pressure away. A leak-proof reservoir tube ensures that water is only dispensed when you actually need it. No splashes, no drips.
Portable and practical: The cleaning brush is lightweight and can be easily attached to your golf bag, making it a practical and accessible accessory on the golf course.
Pleasant experience: Towing your gloves, iron and golf balls is difficult enough. This compact cleaning brush hardly burdens your bag any more.
Premium material: Made of plastic, sturdy, stable in structure, well made in texture and detailed design, strong enough to resist breakage, wear and fraying, long se

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Experience the convenience of our golf cleaning brush with integrated water container.  Our brush allows easy access to water during the cleaning process and is custom designed to ensure optimal care of your golf clubs, especially the grooves.   This brush is specially designed to be gentle yet effective and can therefore be safely used on all types of golf clubs. Protect your investment and enjoy better performance on the green.


  • Gentle nylon bristle brush head that allows for effortless groove cleaning and debris removal
  • Features a pressurized water spray mechanism for thorough and effective cleaning.
  • Lightweight and portable with a practical hook attachment that can be easily attached to your golf bag
  • Made of 100% leak proof and durable hard plastic
  • SIZE: 20cm x 5.5cm (from top of brush to bottom of canister)


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